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Math Memes – November 2020

The popularity of a meme reflects the way in which society understands a fact and mathematics does not escape from this, since the mathematical community on social networks has increased its presence in recent months. The month of November of the infamous year 2020 has ended and we bring you a compilation of the best mathematical memes.



The equation «TRUTH + GOD = LIFE» reveals a curious reality when the rules for solving equations are applied as stated by u / Karun_Singh . In the image you can read:






It is not a prime or a composite number

We have seen that prime natural numbers are those that are divisible only by themselves and the number 1; Furthermore, those natural numbers that are not prime are called composite numbers, since they can be decomposed into prime factors. The number 1 is neither a prime number nor a composite number. That is what u/ethannnnnnnnnnnnnn exposes , in the image you can read:

1 to prime numbers:

I guide others to treasures that I cannot possess.


Epsilon less than or equal to zero?

At the beginning of this year 2020, a joke in which Area 51 would be invaded was viralized , many of the memes alluded to the mysterious things that would be found inside it. We are already ending the year 2020 and the memes about Area 51 are still going viral.

Generally, the demonstrations that are made in the Mathematical Analysis require to limit sets, for this a number as small as required is considered and it is expressed as varepsilon> 0. That is why it is strange to find a varepsilon leq 0. That’s what u/yonatanmx exposes . in the image you can read:

Me, running out of Area 51 with an epsilon less than or equal to zero.

Size 2A

When studying quadratic equations, a formula is defined that allows calculating their solutions and this expresses the expression 2a in its denominator. This is what the twitter user @velosarahptorr refers to but also the size of the bra, in the tweet you can read:

The quadratic formula be like:



Authors of advanced books in mathematics tend to save reading time for those who read their books by simplifying long demonstrations with phrases such as «the proof is left to the reader», however, the word that generates most of memories for mathematicians is «trivial». User u/Tornado547 , title the following image with what we actually think when we use this word

When you don’t feel like doing algebra

When you don’t feel like doing algebra

Donut = Mug

The most repeated joke when talking about Topology will always be that one of the donut and the cup, although this does not make them any less funny. On this occasion, u/WorldOfPayne refers to this famous scene from The Office series , where you can read:

First Panel

Corporate needs you to find the differences between this picture (the one on the left, a mug) and this picture (the one on the right, a donut).

Second Panel


They are the same picture.



In this year 2020, the operation 6÷2(1+2) became viral, although last year it had already gone viral in the form 8÷2(2+2) and although we have already explained the problem with this type of expressions. Physicists propose a quick exit such as the one exposed by u/succjaw , where you can read:

Viral Math Problem

6÷2(1+2) =




Just take the average. It’s 5.

Divide on the calculator

Calculators are powerful tools, however, if we do not use we can come up with silly situations. This is why the result that is useless for our purpose is ironically praised.

851 div 351 = dfrac{851}{351}


So you like the equations with toons?

There are people who feel adversity towards mathematics, but mathematics can be adapted to make it more pleasing to the eye. Can you calculate the solution to those two math problems? Usually these images are accompanied by a text that says things like «just for geniuses», but in the case of the second image, I think that the text «98% of people can’t solve this 😂» is a very generous percentage for the General population.

98% of people can’t solve this 😂

Do you think we missed a meme? Share your best meme in the comments!

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Las mejores calculadoras online | totumat.com review

The best online calculators in 2020

When studying subjects that require complicated calculations, there is nothing better than having a good calculator. Although having a calculator in physical is very comfortable, it is not always accessible, which is why we must resort to online options, either surfing the web or as applications for the phone.

My recommendation for my students is to always study accompanied by a calculator, so they can check if they are doing the necessary calculations correctly.

Let’s see then, a list without a particular order (just kidding, they are ordered from the best to the worst) of the best calculators that we can get browsing the internet or in the store of applications of different operating systems.


Wolfram Alpha

With no doubt, Wolfran Alpha is the king of online calculators because its calculations are not only based on algorithms as traditional calculators do, but on innovative algorithms, knowledge base and artificial intelligence technology.

Nota: According to Atlassian, A knowledge base is a self-serve online library of information about a product, service, department, or topic. The data in your knowledge base can come from anywhere. Typically, contributors who are well versed in the relevant subjects add to and expand the knowledge base.

Performing a calculation in Wolfram Alpha not only provides the solution to the calculation, but also provides additional information usually needed when performing calculations. You can see the entire development step by step to reach the final result by paying a subscription, but it is not mandatory if you only want results.

Wolfram Alpha | totumat.com review

Wolfram Alpha is available for free at wolframalpha.com and for a fee at iOS, Android and Microsoft.


Calculator N+

My daily use calculator is the Android Calculator N+ application. It is an open source calculator, developed by Trần Lê Duy who, according to his github profile, is a student at Nguyen Binh Khiem High School who loves to study algorithms.

Note: open source commonly refers to software that uses an open development process and is licensed to include source code.

This calculator provides results only, without procedures, but the amount of functions that can be applied is immense. I think the only defect it has (for now), is that it does not have a function finder in the home screen calculator.

In addition to the home screen calculator, this application has specific calculators to work with Equations, Derivatives, Integrals and Matrices, among others; this is what extends its versatility and comfort.

Calculator N+ | totumat.com review
Calculator N+ | totumat.com review
Calculator N+ | totumat.com review

Calculator N+ is only available for Android, however, being open source, it can be built from your code following the instructions in GitHub.



GeoGebra is a multifunctional platform of didactic support that deserves a whole article to be able to expose everything it offers, however, this time we will only focus on the calculator it provides.

The strength of GeoGebra lies in the graphical representations of Functions, Equations and Inequations, or generally, the interaction between two variables (although its application for 3D graphics generalizes these aspects), however, it also allows the calculation of derivatives and integrals.

Graphic representations can be customized to clearly illustrate which elements are involved in the calculations being performed.

GeoGebra | totumat.com review

The full range of applications provided by GeoGebra is available at GeoGebra.com, iOS and Android.



Mathway is a calculator with a simple but very versatile interface when making calculations, because as Wolfram Alpha, it is based on innovative algorithms and artificial intelligence.

Although you can use the buttons of the application to make the calculations, you can set the instructions and obtain the results.

Mathway | totumat.com review
Mathway | totumat.com review
Mathway | totumat.com review

Like Wolfram Alpha, you can see the complete development step by step to reach the final result paying a subscription, but it is not mandatory if we only want results.

Mathway is available at Mathway.com, iOS and Android.



Symbolab is the son of Wolfram Alpha and Mathway, haha, because it provides similar functionalities to both calculators and its interface also a mixture of both (but with more ads), however, it is equally comfortable to use.

Symbolab | totumat.com review

Like Wolfram Alpha, you can see the complete development step by step to reach the final result paying a subscription, but it is not mandatory if we only want results.

Symbolab is available at symbolab.com, iOS and Android.

Hermitcraft – How much Mycelium is worth the Diamond Throne?!

What is Hermitcraft?

Hermitcraft it’s a youtube gaming series based on the popular sandbox game Minecraft with notorious players from the platform usually called hermitcrafters or just hermits. There are diverse locations in the server where the hermits converge, but most of the action develop in the Shopping District, since that is the place where players set up stores to sell and buy all in-game items.

The Shopping District Map
The Shopping District Map
Courtesy: FalseSymmetry

Elections were made to designate a mayor for the Shopping District, and since it was built on a mushroom biome, the new elected mayor renewed the appearance of the land by changing mycelium for grass but not everyone was happy about, thus the Mycelium Resistance was born.

While the Mycelium vs. Grass conflict started to heat up, the mayor started a «buy back!» program to motivate neutral hermits to eradicate mycelium from the district. The deal was: 2 stacks of 64 blocks of Mycelium for 5 diamonds.

Courtesy: Grian

The Grian math problem

The Mycelium Resistance «mother spore», Grian, saw this exchange program as the perfect plant to buy the diamond throne in exchange for all the mycelium harvested by resistance, so in his episode Hermitcraft 7: Episode 48 – BUYING THE THRONE he bumped into a curious math problem.


We know roughly that there are seven a half stacks of diamonds (in the Diamond Throne)… So if we do some math very quickly, I need my calculator… This is like a math paper examination of school…

After saying that, Grian, was amazed that he needed actual math from high school to solve this problem and after thinking a bit, he stated an actual math problem like those in math books:

If you have nine diamonds per diamond block, and there are sixty four blocks in a stack, and there are seven and a half stacks, how many mycelium do you need to farm in order to take the diamond throne?

What we are going to do is to translate this question into math equations to solve the problem.


The math translation

Considering the Mycelium Resistance already have 34 shulker boxes full of mycelium, let’s state what are the equalities we have:

  • 9 Diamonds is equal to 1 Diamond Block.
  • 64 Diamond Blocks are equal to 1 Diamond Blocks Stack.
  • 2 Mycelium Stack is equal to 5 Diamonds.
  • 1 Shulker Box full of Mycelium is equal to 27 Mycelium Stacks.
  • 34 Shulker Box full of Mycelium is equal to 918 Mycelium Stacks.
  • 7 \frac{1}{2} diamond block stacks is equal to how many mycelium blocks?

First thing we need to do, is check how many diamonds are in 7 \frac{1}{2} diamond block stacks. Since seven and a half is a mixed number represented by 7\frac{1}{2}, we have to rewrite it as a fraction, that is

7\frac{1}{2} = 7 + \frac{1}{2} = \frac{15}{2}

Then, we have \frac{15}{2} \cdot 64 diamond blocks, that is 480 diamond blocks, and that is 480 \cdot 9 = 4 320 diamonds.

We know that 2 Mycelium Stacks are equal to 5 Diamonds, in this way, we can state that if M denotes a Mycelium Stack and d denotes a diamond, then \frac{M}{2} = \frac{d}{5}. So, if we solve this equation for M, we have

M = \frac{5}{2} \cdot d

Considering this last equality, we can now replace d with 4 320, because that is the total of diamonds that the Diamond Throne, then, M = \frac{2}{5} \cdot 4 320 and that is 1 728.


So, the Diamond Throne is worth 1 728 mycelium stacks. However, the question is how many mycelium do you need to farm in order to take the diamond throne? We have to remember that the Mycelium Resistance already have 34 shulker boxes full of mycelium, that is 918 Mycelium Stacks.

Then, the Mycelium Resistance needs to farm needs to farm 810 mycelium stacks in order to take the diamond throne, and that is 810 \div 27 = 30 shulker boxes full of mycelium.